Denise Mirfin Sheffield Clinic Receptionist
10 Years Long Service Award for Denise
By A Foot Above October 16, 2016

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Denise Mirfin, your Clinical Receptionist in Sheffield has been presented with her 10 Years Long Service Award, along with shopping vouchers in recognition of her long-term commitment to customers and patients at our Sheffield city centre Podiatry and Foot Healthcare clinic. A Foot Above Limited would like to share the achievement and congratulate Denise on her continued commitment to customer service that she

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Image of Corn on the Cob and Verruca infected Foot
Is it a Verruca or a Corn?
By A Foot Above September 4, 2016

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This is one of the most common questions we get asked in clinic by our new patients. Our Podiatrists and Foot Health Practitioners see hundreds of both corns and verrucae every year and can easily diagnose what they are and how best to treat them…   However, as a simple rule of thumb… Corns Corns

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Choosing sports shoes
Tips for Choosing Trainers & Sports Shoes
By A Foot Above August 21, 2016

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Choose shoes for the specific sporting activity intended and above all, ensure they are a good fit for your feet.  Have them fitted – try them on and ensure your feet are comfortable in them.  Don’t rely on the guide size printed on the box! Running Shoes Running shoes are designed for running and shouldn’t

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Children's Feet
Your Children’s Feet
By A Foot Above August 15, 2016


Children’s feet change as they grow.  There are some common conditions that affect children and these should be seen by a foot health professional to make sure they don’t become too much of an issue, making walking and activity painful.  We recommend parents become familiar with their children’s feet.  Here we touch upon Ingrown toenails, Corns & Callus, Flat Feet and

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Footsteps in the sand
250 Million Foot Steps
By A Foot Above August 7, 2016

Your feet will take more than 250 million steps in the average lifetime, so they need to be looked after.  That’s why at A Foot Above, we fix feet! There are many reasons why you may have problems with your feet, ranging from simple changes that happen as we get older, to more complex issues that relate

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Healthy Feet from A Foot Above - Chiropody, Podiatry & Foot Healthcare
How to Easily Fix 6 Common Foot Problems
By A Foot Above August 1, 2016

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Here’s how you can easily fix six common foot problems Statistics show that millions of women suffer problems with their feet, while one in five men suffer foot pain most days.  Here’s the low-down on the most common foot problems and how to beat them. #1 Corns and Calluses What are they?  Thick, hardened layers

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